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Little Stars 3-4yrs

Introduction to Ballet & Jazz with fun dance choreography

45 mins, Saturdays 1pm


A wonderful class for kids aged 2.5 - 4 years old. This 45 minutes class will teach the children the basics of classical ballet, musicality and introduction to jazz technique, all while having fun and enjoying themselves! Small class size guarantees more one-on-one attention from the teacher while working with them to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses. 


Tiny Stars 1-2 yrs

A gentle intro to dance for tots 1-3 years old (accompanied class)

45 min. Saturdays 2Pm


Getting the right introduction to an activity such as dance is a ‘positive step towards a healthy, active life’ and that is why our structured classes encourage not only movement but also develop confidence, motor skills and imagination in our youngest pupils. This 45 minutes class is all about introducing the kids to the basics of ballet, creative movement, rhythm and musicality in a fun way. We keep classes with a maximum of 4 kids to make sure we focus on each and every one of them! Little ones are accompanied by a parent - to make them feel more comfortable and ease their start into the world of dance! Great bonding time with your child!


Kids Fit&Fun (3-5yo)

Kids Gym, Kids Fitness Kids Dance,

Creative movement,

1 hr, Wednesdays (English), Thursdays (English),

Saturdays (Polish language)

 (9.45am, 11am)


This 60 minutes class is all about moving the body! We all know kids 'like to move it move it' ;), so this class focuses on kids fitness, creative movement, sing & dance, active games, improving social skills and having lots of fun! A fun interactive class that will improve their basic skills: - Balance - Coordination - Throwing & catching - Jumping, skipping, hopping - Rolling (forward and backwards), tumble, cartwheels etc - And overall Confidence! Maximum of 5 kids in each class guarantees more one-on-one attention from the teacher making sure they're safe! 

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